About Area Events

What is AreaEvents.net?

AreaEvents.net is a site to promote local events. It is FREE for any organization club or business to use. When used properly, anybody can use it to “find something to do”.
It is difficult to “find something to do” when you are new in an area, or maybe you don’t have knowledge of all the different groups or how to find their websites. This calendar will make it simple to all who use it.

Who is it for?
If you have ever discovered and event too late, like when it was over, you are the perfect example of why this site was built. AreaEvents.net is built to make it easier for anyone to find the local events before they are completed.


What makes AreaEvents.net different?

It is different from other calendars because it is open for anyone to use without charge. The goal is to also include small organizations and clubs like the Camera Club, Sewing Club, Rotary Club, and others.
Use it to promote your event. Small or large, you are welcome to use it.


What are acceptable events?

Any event that is “something to do” qualifies. Just categorize it properly and it works. Please do not create an event that is just “Today’s Business Hours” or “Taco Tuesday”. It should be something that is entertainment of some sort. Like “Concerts in the Park”, “Farmers Market” or even an open house for your business.
Put your big events like fairs and parades, or small things like on there like Bingo Night or Bridge tournament.
More examples might be:
Monday Night Football, pool tournament, beading class, local arts and craft fair, Easter egg hunt, cruise night, weekly bike ride, and anything else that might be considered entertainment and open for the public to enjoy.
You may put events on that are free or events that have a fee. Both are welcome.


Why is it free?

It is free so that organizations that have little to no budget will be able to use it.


How long is it free for?

The goal is to make it free forever. As long as the users supply the content, there will be no need to charge for the service.


How can it work, if it is free?

It only works if you use it. The clubs, organizations and businesses need to manage their own calendar. The more events it has, the better the calendar.
Think of it like FaceBook. They free use because there are other ways to monetize the site. But if you didn’t put your own content on there, it couldn’t work. This site is similar in that is it social media, and requires the user to maintain it to be successful.


Why would I use it?

From a business or vendor point of view, it makes sense because so many eyes will be on it. With so many people searching the calendar, you will have the chance to pick up fresh eyes on your events.
From an end user perspective, it makes sense, because you can see all the events on one day, and pick which ones you want to attend. It is easy.


Why not just use my FaceBook page?

You should use your FaceBook page. But this is a way to have people who don’t know about your group or organizational events see them. So use both and get more exposure.


How will people find AreaEvents.net?

They will find it by Google searching the city name, seeing it on social media websites, or by word of mouth. We ask that if you put an event on the calendar, you share the information of our site with your friends and clients. Also, if you would “like” us on your favorite social media site, then it will help promote AreaEvents.net.
Additionally, there is other advertising in place and a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in place. This means people WILL know about us.

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